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Hmmm… it’s not easy to say — it could be as simple as the encoder motor sign traces currently being corroded/harmed (Look at the schematics in the 1st post), or it could be the transfer case itself. In case the lights do the job as they ought to, then this tells me the 4WD process is partaking, accomplishing what it really should. I suspect the transfer case is not really shifting thoroughly. As I mentioned to your poster previously mentioned, it may be time to obtain your transfer circumstance checked by a tranny store.

It’s definitely tough to tell with out having the ability to place my arms on it. However, You may additionally want to examine the encoder motor sign lines (C26 by C28 within the pinout from the first post) — they must be substantial (+5VDC) once the are certainly not in use (resistors pull the traces superior), and reduced when they are Lively (known as “Lively minimal”). All schematics are posted in the initial publish of this thread.

As for the internal workings of your transfer circumstance, I depart that to the pros so I can’t solution that problem possibly.

Once your toes hit something on the correct… you have found the kick panel! This panel is snapped on, but it does hook underneath a couple of other plastic panels, so be a bit careful with it.

Another wire I might check would be the A/T (Automated Transmission) change lock switch — That is wire #31 and is gentle inexperienced which has a black stripe (you can find a lot more internet pages on the schematics previously mentioned… the first is often a hand -written webpage of your TCCM connector pinout). This wire should have voltage placed on it at selected instances — regrettably, I haven't had to diagnose that Component of the procedure, so I don’t know if it should be +5VDC or +12VDC (but It'll be one of these!

As for the rest of your trouble with the TC remaining in neutral — I don’t know The solution to the problem — in terms of I realize, 2WD is neutral in terms of the TC is anxious.

i attempted to have interaction 4wd hi by pressing the button, but very little happened. i put it in neutral, pressed 4hi, and also the lights blinked but switched back to 2hi. i pressed the button for 4low, and it switched and I had been ready to rise up the hill. any ideas?

No, I don’t have anything AFAIK — but I do Have a very buddy which has the All-Data system and may have it (he printed out some excellent schematics for my TCCM yesterday) — I’ll check with him now and if so I will submit it here in your case.

If you listen to the click of the TCCM, that lets you know that the relays are Functioning and are trying To place the encoder motor in gear. There are numerous good reasons for this to happen, broken/leaking vacuum strains to start. The encoder motor wires could be poor. You will find a “plastic bushing” that keeps a “fork” inside the transfer scenario from the position (well, the fork retains the gears in the proper place)… if the plastic bushing is worn, it might cause the transfer circumstance not to swap (this took place to me, however the signs were which the technique would switch to 4Hi/4Lo, that has a huge clunk, and it was quite challenging to have it back outside of 4WD.)

). I've a definite “vacuum” noise coming from underneath the sprint, near the heater core. At minimal speeds it “whistles” (like a leaking vacuum would seem like), and goes absent at better speeds.

GM has a style flaw With this certain transfer scenario — the “forks” had plastic bushing that could have on out Try THIS Site and allow the gears of the TC float, and will not pull the gears into their correct positions.

If by unplugging the TCCM you hope to the motor vehicle will default to 2WD — it received’t. As long as it’s in fact working and driving your axle(s), go away or not it's and acquire it to the mechanic ASAP.

I'll head out and take pics just before I go away for perform this early morning or I'll fail to remember again. I'll try out to get a great shot in the connector that may help you Identify the place the wires go. No being smart below, however you *need to* have the capacity to see where they go… for the reason that there'll be a hole the place the wire must go.

Initially, I apologize with the hold off in responding to the concern. I have no excuse — I’ve been neglecting my site recently.

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